The most romantic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Riviera Maya

February has begun, and we all know what it means. It means flowers, hugs, and the occasional chocolate.

It is true that there are many people who criticize this date, they see it as a way to capitalize on love. But let’s be honest, we all like to feel loved and special. And this date is perfect to make that person you love feel special.

You have a point in your favor, you are in the Riviera Maya, a natural paradise. This paradisiacal destination offers beautiful sunsets and crystal clear beaches, perfect for an unforgettable day.

We share with you some destinations that will make this date an unforgettable day.


The island of Hol-box is synonymous with romance. This small island is ideal to get away from it all and just think about how lucky you are to have someone who loves you. On this island, you can rent a cabin and then get some bicycles and explore the island.

The real magic of Hol-box begins at sunset, the sunset is breathtaking, ideal for a picnic on the beach. At night, you can enjoy the spectacle of bioluminescence that occurs on the south beach of the island.

A tip we can give you is to bring your mosquito repellent because if you are at the beach at night you will need it.

Bioluminescence in Hol-Box

Isla de la Pasión

Romantic legends, white sand, and turquoise waters make this a favorite spot for lovers looking to unite their lives. Located in the center of the Cozumel Natural Protected Area (very close to this popular island), Isla de la Pasión was considered by the Mayans as a sacred place blessed by fertility.

In ancient times, Ixchel (goddess of love) was venerated. Therefore, indigenous couples, as part of the marriage ritual, made a pilgrimage to Mukyaj Peten (the Mayan name of the island) to receive the gifts of the deity.

According to the beliefs of this culture, when a wedding takes place on this island, the union lasts for eternity, “thanks to the love that Ixchel professed to the Sun God”.


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This magical town in Quintana Roo has an amazing 7-color lagoon, where romance is everywhere as you enjoy the beautiful views of the place and its magical colors reflected in the water.

Touring the town, visiting the Fort of San Felipe, and taking a tour of its cenotes will make your stay even more romantic and fun.

A perfect plan to do as a couple is a tour of the lagoon by kayak, where you will discover all the shades of blue that exist and that this beautiful lagoon gives us. Afterward you can enjoy a delicious dinner in one of its romantic restaurants while watching the sunset.

Bacalar has small hotels, villas, or cozy cabins, where you and your partner can spend the night in this small town full of magic.


These places are just a few options if you want to do something different and take advantage of the spectacular postcards that the Riviera Maya has to offer.
If you go to any of these places, let us know your experience. Either you have a great time or not that much.



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