The Route of the Mayan Jaguar 2020, to support children with Cancer

route of the mayan jaguar - ruta del jaguar maya

The bikers clubs of Quintana Roo have teamed up to help children with cancer at the Hospital in Chetumal. The association ‘Motociclistas Solidarios’ and the ‘Motoclubs’ are doing what they call ‘the Route of the Mayan Jaguar’. As part of the route, they are collecting clothes and blankets, plus raising funds for the children and their families. When the donation campaign is ready, they will cross Quintana Roo to arrive in Chetumal on December 5.

The campaign expresses solidarity to the children who are suffering from cancer but also to their families. Apart from facing the delicate situation of having their kids at the hospital, families often have to move to Chetumal for weeks or even months, to accompany their children. In consequence, the situation impacts their economy as well.

The reception of the ‘Route of the Mayan Jaguar’

For the campaign, these ‘heroes on motorcycles’ are calling all the society to participate. In an interview with Canal 10, Samuel Gomez, from the association Motociclistas Solidarios, gave hopeful declarations. “Unfortunately, as more than 78% of the economy stems from tourism, the COVID crisis has hit both people and the state of Quintana Roo. Simply put, no tourism no money. However, people empathized with the suffering of these families and children. Thus, the response has actually been very good. So far, there have been many donations, many storage centers involved, and new sponsors joining.”

In Playa del Carmen, there are two active storage centers (‘centros de acopio’). I.e. Donation spots where people can bring their donations for the Route of the Mayan Jaguar. As Gómez affirms, any citizen can also go to any Motoclub in the area to give their contributions. For this purpose, you can check Motociclistas Solidarios’ social media and find the exact places.

Make sure to make your donations before December 5, when they will be taken to the hospital in Chetumal.

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