Bicicleton, the new service to donate bikes to children and youth

Bicicleton, the new service in Playa del Carmen for donating bicycles to children

Playa is huge if you have to walk. That is what many children and teenagers in farther communities have to experience everyday. As they have to walk long distances to arrive to school every day, many end up dropping out. In response, the social services of Playa del Carmen have started Bicicleton, a program in which you can donate bicycles to them.

No matter used or new, the DIF welcomes all bicycles in good conditions. When they receive new bikes, the DIF sends them to the Bicicleton workshop. After they clean, fix, paint and prepare the bicycles, they send them to these communities. Yay!

If you want to participate, there are two ways:

  1. Go to the offices of DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia). The opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. If you need more information, you can also call them at 800 343 2020.
  2. You can get in contact with Araceli Diaz. As she works on volunteer programs in DIF, she can go collect the bikes to any location in the city. Get in touch at 777 288 6367.

Some of the neighborhoods that will benefit from this program are Colonia Torres del Carmen, Colonia Cristo Rey, Los Sauces and In House. Think of it! You can make a difference.

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Read the full report in Spanish in Quinta Fuerza.


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