Exploring The South of the Mayan World

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Reaching out to a distant culture, I become one with the others yet still remain an outsider



  1. Chetumal: is the base from which to follow the Road to Mayan Adventure an dicover five centuries of fascinating history.
  2. Kohulich: Apart from the Temple of the Masks, other structures such as the palace complex known as the 27 Steps have been restored and enable the visitor to imagine life in Kohunlich during the Classic period. To reach the site, take the turnoff at km 60 on Highway 186.
  3. Sites in Campeche: The archeological site of Xpuhil, Chicanná and Becán are located just over the Campeche border. Apart from location,they share the same distinctive archaelogical style. The ancient city of Calakmul,one of the larges in the Mayan World, lies further south, near the border with Guatemala.
  4. Tikal: Located in the Petén region in northern Guatemala, Tikal was one the Mayan World´s moste important metropolis. Founded in 600 B.C. it was inhabited for 15 centuries (abandoned in 900 A.D.) Its principal building are the six temples that tower above the trees, the North and South Acropolis and the Lost World complex.
  5. Dzibanché:  At kme 58 on the Chetumal – Escárcega highway, take the tornoff to Morocoy (15 KM). Three kilometers further on is the sign for Dzibanché (seven km away). A visit to Kinichná, one part of the great city of Dzibanché, (only 3  Km away) is also recommended.
  6. Chichanhá:The ruins of this settlement built by the Spaniards in the 17th century lie deep in the jungle, offering the chance to see regional wildlife, especially birds.
  7. Bacalar: The visit to Bacalar and San Felipe Fort, on the shores of the lagoon, is all the more enjoyable when combined with a tour of lagoon-side sites such as Cenote Azul. Bacalar is 40 km (45 minutes) northwest of Chetumal.
  8. Chacchoben: This important Mayan site is north of Bacalar, near Limones Village, on the  road from Chetumal to Majahual. Temples, palaces and residential areas are currenly being excavated and restaured. Due to open in late 1998.
  9. Chancanbakán: Located on the shores of a lagoon in the forest, this sites dates back to 200 B.C. Olmec-style jaguar masks decorate one of the buildings. Located near the village of Caoba. Due to open in 1999.

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