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Tourist vs Traveller All About Playa

I don’t normally share information directly from a magazine but this we

ekend I came across RESIDENTE RIVIERA MAYA and found it very interesting they present their information, I think it is very original wa

y they transmit ideas.


  • Compares between places where they are live and the place are visiting.
  • Visits the must-sees, historic sites or monuments.
  • Not related to the residents or local culture.
  • Choose their memories in a souvenir shop.
  • Is passive, waiting for things to happen to him.
  • Wants to feel protected, finds acceptable levels of comfort.
  • Is guided by itineraries, departures and arrival times, and reserved tours.


  • Is free from prejudice and comes with an open mind.
  • Puts away the map, and asks question to the locals and lets locals guide them.
  • Engages and relates in conversations with the locals.
  • Searches for a unique craft to take home.
  • Is active. He goes in search of adventure.
  • Always looking to find experiences than real comfort, expectations are created.
  • Not defined itineraries, spontaneous is part of the journey.

And what about you TOURIST OR TRAVELER?

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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