“Coworking in Playa del Carmen: Work while meeting new people”.

The COVID-19 pandemic left several changes in our society, many of these changes are here to stay.

Perhaps one of the most important happens in the workplace. Telework went from being an option for a few to becoming a reality for many.

Let us first define what telework is?

For the ILO, telework is a form of work that is performed at a distance, i.e. at a location away from a central office or production facilities, with the help of ICT – Information and Communication Technologies – that facilitate both physical separation and communication.

This new modality has made the so-called “digital nomads” grow around the world.

Playa del Carmen has become one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads. This is due to its wonderful beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

But where do digital nomads work in Playa del Carmen? Here are some places where you can work and meet new people.

Co Work-In 

This is a coworking space in Playa del Carmen with an excellent location, very close to the hotel zone, and with high-speed internet (100Mbps), the fastest found in the city.

This place is ideal for all professionals who live or visit Playa del Carmen and are looking for a place designed to work comfortably. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet professionals with the same interests as you, and thus improve your personal and professional relationships, creating a collaborative workspace in Playa del Carmen.


Nest responds to new paradigms by offering optimal environments for you to work productively, calmly, and professionally. They promote mobility within the spaces, which encourage creativity, collaboration, and learning while creating a sense of belonging and community.

They have meeting rooms for your presentations, where you can also meet with your clients in privacy. Courses and workshops are offered to keep you updated and constantly learning.

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Work Zone

Enjoy all the benefits of being independent while enjoying exceptional office space and a very productive work atmosphere. Coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen offer you to reduce costs if you are thinking of renting your own office and allow you to be much more productive if you plan to work from home. See them as a shared office with an excellent internet connection, great furniture and, most importantly, great office mates.

Most probably in some of these places you can find people with similar hobbies as you.

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