The Cancun Airport is close to breaking March Records

Cancun Airport 1000 2020

In the Riviera Maya, we have been watching all 2020 the performance of the Cancun Airport. At first, because it indicated risk and crisis; and now because it signals recovery. Bear in mind that we live in a region that makes a living out of providing access to the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean: nature, climate, culture, relaxation, luxury… Therefore, the arrival of tourists translates directly into the prosperity of each citizen in the region. That is how important the Cancun Airport is.

The Cancun International Airport during 2020

The Cancun International Airport (CUN) has consistently been Mexico’s second airport in terms of mobility (at times the first). It is also the number 1 in Latin America as a whole in terms of arrivals of international travelers. Apart from that, the International Airport of Cancún is also extremely well connected to the United States, having flights from all corners of the country.

In 2020, and as the global crisis unfolded, the Cancun Airport had to slow down its rhythm. They still received tourists and travelers, but remained relatively dormant for a few months, like most global airports. As a consequence, the economy suffered and the residents of Quintana Roo too. However, we have been very effective in containing the pandemic, and the much-anticipated high season is here to give good news.

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The Cancun Airport in Christmas Season

As the Christmas season approached, the Cancun Airport has rapidly recovered and reached 480 daily operations (flights + arrivals) on December 19. Of them, 308 were international flights and 172 national operations. To put it in perspective, the numbers are just on the heels of March 2020. Before quarantines started, the Cancun International Airport had 485 daily operations (March 22), just 5 over this month’s numbers.

People are coming from all parts of the world to the Mexican Caribbean again. Naturally, we have travelers from the United States, as they are the most loyal public of the Riviera Maya. Consequently, we have flights from grand metropoles like New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles; but also from smaller locations such as Baltimore, Kansas, Salt Lake City, or Tampa. From outside the US, we have fellow Latin Americans ( Santiago de Cuba, La Habana, Lima, Bogotá, Guatemala City), and Europeans (Zurich, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid).

With 2020 close to ending, and our high season starting off on the right foot, we can only say: Welcome!

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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