Why invest in Quintana Roo?

Quintana Roo offers 88,280 hotel rooms, lounge in 918 hotels, with approximately 1,330 restaurants of all kinds of specialties. Constantly looking for suppliers to fulfill their needs, from food and beverage to maintenance, the application of new technologies, such as equipment, furniture outdoors and indoors, linen, decorations garments, lightening, etc.
Cancun has the second largest airport in Mexico, because its number of daily operations and because It is the only airport with two landing roads. Cancun has connectivity by air with the principal cities of the USA, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, and the Mexican Republic.
More than 15 million of tourist visited Cancún and Riviera Maya last year!


Annie from All About Playa

Annie from All About Playa

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Playa del Carmen provides everything one could wish for the Caribbean location: luxury hotels with all the amenities that international travelers require. 

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