What to do in Playa del Carmen on a Rainy day!

Playa del Carmen is an amazing place no matter what the weather forecast is, there are still fun things to be done on a rainy day!

Here is a quick list for you!

  1. Buy some popcorn, some sodas and have a Netflix day! watch your favorite series or movies without even getting up from bed, you can even have some friends over and make it a group activity!
  2. Go shopping! Playa del Carmen has a mall called Plaza las Americas where you can shop, shop and shop until you drop, the prices at this mall aren’t crazy because it’s not a super high end mall, however there are some nice stores where you can find some affordable nice things.
  3. Go to an underground Cenote! If you are an adventurous person, a little rain won’t stop you from going to an underground cenote and having a nice swim!
  4. Download some ebooks and start reading! Reading is a great activity for a rainy day
  5. Go to a coffee shop! There are 5 starbucks coffee shops on 5th avenue, if you are looking for a smaller and more local coffee shop go to Ah Cacao and have some fine pastries and some good coffee.
  6. Go to the movie theater! Playa has 2 movie theaters that you can go to, one in the mall Centro Maya, this is a smaller movie theater but still very comfortable, Cinepolis at Plaza las Americas has more options and it’s a bit bigger, if it’s a rainy day both cinemas might be a bit crowded.
  7. Have a dinner party! This is a great thing to do on a rainy day because your friends will be in the same situation as you, get together, cook something yummy and enjoy the evening with some wine and music.
  8. Get an umbrella and go explore some bars! Have a few drinks with friends and ignore the rain!
  9. Check out if there is anything playing at the local Art Theater and go enjoy a play or the ballet!
  10. Volunteer at the local animal shelter! Our furry buddies need company on days like this and what better opportunity to do something to help than on a rainy day!
  11. Hit the Gym! If you don’t have a membership get a daypass and get working!
  12. Go to a spa and get a massage! This is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a good old massage, Playa has many massage places on 5th avenue or at the hotels!
  13. Catch up on sleep, a rainy day is perfect for sleeping!
  14. Go to an art gallery! There is a great one on the Federal Highway and 2nd street, there are over 150 paintings and works of art that you can look at.
  15. Check the weather forecast to see if it’s safe to drive to Merida, Cancun, Tulum or Bacalar and rent a car and go explore whichever place you choose, rainy days are perfect to take small trips to other places and enjoy some not rainy weather!
Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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