What to do for NYE 2015 in Playa del Carmen!!

As Christmas just went by and we all probably had some good times with our family and friends having dinner at a restaurant, resort or at home if you are a local. We all know that New Year’s eve is coming and that it’s one of the greatest celebrations in Playa, It means party everywhere!

Here are our top Recommendations!

1. Spend time with friends and family


Spending time with family and friends is one of the best ways to create memorable experiences. Nothing can replace the time you spend with your family. This is especially true if you have children. With younger children, there’s a good chance that you already spend a lot of time with them, with older children and teenagers though, who may prefer to spend time with their friends, it can be more difficult to carve out family time.

2. Write down goals instead of New year’s resolutions2015_Goals

If you really want to change your behavior in 2015, forget the resolutions. Set goals instead and pick one that will impact you the most. A couple of years ago, I decided not to set resolutions but to start a New Year’s project. That project was to do “50 New Things” in 2013. I announced this to my friends and family to make it public and I tracked my progress in my weekly planner. Then I frequently posted pictures and status reports of the new experiences to my friends on Facebook.

ok and after doing what’s most important….It should be time to Party!!!Here are the best events that will be happening in Playa, Cancun and Tulum!

3. Party everywhere! Take a look at our flyer gallery for NYE 215 EVENTS and choose the best event for you!!

Last but not least! Can’t forget the famous superstition!

4. Kiss someone at midnight!


For single people, there’s a superstition that not kissing anyone portends a year of loneliness… and probably a lot of bad online dating. (OK, I made that last part up.) Then again, kissing some sleazy random who may or may not have a girlfriend is worse than kissing no one at all.

So have fun and welcome 2015 in Playa del Carmen!! 

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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