Wedding in Playa del Carmen, like in your dreams!

Playa del Carmen used to be a little town for fishermen, the last 20 years has been growing like no city in Latinamerica and now it offers the caribbean experience with all the amenities that you need for create moments like the wedding of your dreams by the sea.

The infrastructure that we have nowadays in Playa is amazing, hotel brands from all over the world have bet for this unique place and had came for giving a 5 stars experience for travelers who are seeking for relaxation, tranquility with the perfect weather.

Each couple has their own beliefs, some of them want the formal and traditional wedding, but others want the mystic and unique experience, that´s why the Riviera Maya is the perfect spot, there are some different options of ceremonies you may choose, here is the list of the top 5:

1. Civil Wedding: 

Officiated by a judge under mexican law, and valid in the United States after three months. Religious Ceremonies and / or Symbolic (no legal validity).

Religious ceremonies can be arranged inside and outside the resort, according to the beliefs of couples and / or preference of a priest, minister, pastor or rabbi.


2.Mayan Ceremony

A spiritual ritual where couples exchange their vows and Shaman invokes love, happiness and abundance with the blessing Copal (incense Maya).


3. Sand Ceremony

A symbolic ceremony, where the union of the couple isrepresented by a mixture of different colored sand.tumblr_n216y1zXO31r5gmiko1_500

4. Cosmic Ceremony

It consists in presenting the couple to the High Energy Cosmic (male) and Mother Earth (female) with stones of fortune for the couple. To ensure that all your dreams come true on that special day, the couple can design your wedding according to your needs Facilities, floral arrangements and music.


5. Renewal of Vows

A favorite option of couples who wish to reaffirm their wedding vows in a relaxed, non-binding ceremony.

Then when you are sure what type of wedding you want here are the top 5 places for weddings.


When you are sure of what type of wedding you want, next is time to decide where. There are a lot of places and a variety of weddings planners, here we mention the top 4 places on our opinion are the best.

Rosewood Mayakoba

Located south of Cancun, Mexico and north of Playa del Carmen, Rosewood Mayakoba is the heart of a 1,600-acre luxury resort enclave.

It lies along a mile of pristine Caribbean sand in the Riviera Maya surrounded by a verdant jungle.

A journey to this serene Playa del Carmen luxury resort captivates the soul with stunning natural beauty and pure refinement.

This is the perfect place for a fancy event, high cuisine and the best service with an environment almost unbelievable.


The Reef Coco Beach 

Weddings at The Reef Coco Beach are celebrated on our beautiful white sand beach

with shimmering turquoise waters in the distance or in the fragrant natural garden of the cenote area.

Whether you choose a legally binding ceremony or a symbolic celebration of your love, our professional wedding coordinators will work with you to create the wedding day you’ve always imagined.


Boutique Hotel Playa Xcalacoco

This small hotel is ideal for your wedding in Playa del Carmen, by its location on the outskirts allows exclusivity of your event, this this luxury hotel located on the beach in Xcalacoco , weddings allow up to 200 characters, have the option corkage and income its 42 rooms why there 3 nights no time limit.

It has preferential tariff para Reserve Groups , be sure to live the experience of A Wedding In The Beaches of carmen.



In the heart of the luxuriant Mexican Caribbean jungle and on the turquoise coast of the Caribbean Sea, there is a place that is quite unique: Xcaret, a majestic park by the sea that offers you the opportunity of getting to know and enjoy the beauty of the Riviera Maya, as well as the legacy of the Mayan culture and the traditions of Mexico.

For more than ten centuries, this spectacular Park located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, was one of the most important ports of call and Mayan ceremonial centers. Today it is the number one destiny for those who visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Xcaret offers the best environment where the nature and the mayan energy mixes to create a lifetime memory.


So, now you have enough information to imagine the perfect day dream in the Caribbean. We hope to see you soon having the best time of your life with your lover. Playa del Carmen is waiting for you. <3

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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