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The healthis an important matter in Mexico. Everybody wonders about it! No one wants to become sick after eating a taco or after drinking the water from the tap! 
Mexico undergoes some problems about the water. You may know that down here the water is not drinkable. The water is not treated as in our countries. So if you drink it, you incur getting sick. 
Of course, it is a bit embarrassing not being able to drink water from the tap but it is pretty easy to find solutions to get around the difficulty. Do not be scared! If you go to Playa Del Carmen or even in any place of the country will see how easy it is to get some drinkable water!!
In fact, in every single shop, they sell water bottles. You can find natural water, mineral water and also many kinds of fruity waters (which are pretty good by the way!!). All the bottles are fresh as they just cool down in the fridge for hours!
If you stay a long time in one place, you can rather buy some 5 or 20 liters water containers. It is pretty practical: you do not need to buy water every day and it costs the same price as a 1 liter bottle.
So if you come down the Riviera Maya, do not worry, there is always a SIMPLE way to find drinkable water. You just need to know if either you are going to stay one day, one week or more. After having determined that, you can just go to buy the bottle or container you need “a la esquina”, as they say down here (at the corner of the street).
Come happy and relax, you will not run out of water in the Riviera Maya!! www.american-development.com and www.canada2playa.com  promise it to you!
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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