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This is Vera Lucia’s. Last night I decided to stop by for an early evening coffee. It just so happened that Vera, the Brazilian Pastry Chef and owner, was wrapping up the end of her day, and the opportunity to visit and share a cup of coffee with her husband, Ricardo, was in store. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, I am always in search of a great cup of coffee. Good coffee can be hard to find. And Viola, what I found here at  Vera’s was so good I have to be careful!

To give you an idea of how good the carrot cake is, as I sat back and enjoyed the conversation with Ricardo, I watched as three or four of the last visitors of the day came in specifically for a piece of cake. And I was planning that I might try some myself…little did I know that those servings were the last piece of cake that day! So it looks like I’m coming back. And that seems to typify everybody’s story who once has a taste of this wonderful little pastry specialty boutique.  My only suggestion is don’t arrive too close to closing time, 7:30.
The location is just one block from Mamitas Beach on Avenue 1 between streets 26 and 28. The ambiance is colored with the sounds of Latin rhythms and the warm sight of others who are just as relaxed in the moment as you.  Vera’s is perfectly located to enjoy a good meal and then go for a very nice walk along the beach afterwards. The menu offers breakfast omelets, lunch sandwiches, and dinner items including Brazilian Tapas.  And did I mention that their website is excellent too .
You won’t have any trouble making friends too! Be sure to follow both of us on facebook…
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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