Tyra Banks and Harvard

Tyra Banks, world famous supermodel, and creator of the TV Series Americas Next Top Model, just graduated (on the 23rd of March,2012) from Harvard Business School, attending the prestigious  Owner/President Manager (OPM) program.
OPM is often cited as the top level program offered at Harvard Business School (HBS).  The professors have stated: “As someone who directs a business that is already making it, you have taken theory and are using it every day”.  Tyra is for sure an example of this “theory in action”.
Very excited, she went on Twitter just minutes after her graduation to share with her fans this important moment in her life: she posted some pictures of her graduation day at Harvard after receiving her diploma from the Owner/President Program.
While asked about her enrollment at Harvard, she replied to the dean about her desire to build her business.  “Fans are wonderful to support a career but a business needs to be based on something stronger and more reliable”.
To explain her success, the co-creator of “True Beauty” shared that a powerful drive was living in her. That was the difference between her and the others.
As a wise recommendation, she advises us to chase our dream, our passion instead of following the lure of money.
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