Triathlon in Riviera Maya

With the majestic setting of a natural cove of 14 acres overlooking the Caribbean Sea surrounded by 70 hectares of forest, on Saturday 19 and Sunday November 20 this year will take place on 3rd Triathlon Xel-Ha in the Olympic and Sprint modes.

Thanks to the beauty of this natural wonder, the organizing committee of Xel-Ha Triathlon, led by Ms. Elizabeth Lugo, was able to consolidate the dream of having an Olympic triathlon circuit forming part of the Mexican National Federation of triathlon.

Olympic Triathlon will be on Saturday November 19 with 500 competitors and a prize amounting to $ 100,000.00 MN. This competition is unique in the Mexican southeast part of the National Circuit.

On Sunday November 20 there will be a junior competition for kids just getting started in the sport.  From ages 9 and up, kids will compete in relay races and other categories with prizes of $ 30,000.00 M.N.


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Its almost that time of year again! Yes you know what I’m talking about, the days are getting shorter and colder and you start hearing that little voice in your head is saying “I need a vacation ……..(so you argue with yourself) wait till its unbearably cold and miserable”. But no matter what you do whether your aware of it or not that voice in your head is already subconsciously planning your next destination. It was that little voice that made me relocate from Vancouver, B.C and I love it. 

Annie from All About Playa

Annie from All About Playa

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