Traveling made simple: easy, convenient snacks to tag along on your next trip

With family vacation time nearly here and plans for road trips underway, it’s tempting to give in to quick, unhealthy solutions while packing snacks for the road. Here are some creative ways to revitalize your family’s snack routine and help you enjoy delicious and nutritious snacks on the go.

Crunch time

Crunchy snacks are a must-have when hitting the road or catching a flight to your favorite family vacation spot. Snack bags full of granola, cereal and other crunchy favorites can be just the ticket to getting a healthier treat and can even help stave off a temper tantrum. Try making homemade granola, pretzels or even combining your kids’ favorite cereals and pretzels to give them a salty-sweet mix they will love. You can even add a dash of cinnamon to liven up the flavor of granola. Pack it in small plastic bags for easy portion control and access – important when you’re running through the airport.

Get your squeeze on

There are a number of fun, grab-and-go snacks on the market today that make it more convenient than ever to get your kids the nutrition they need when you’re on-the-go, like Mott’s Snack & Go pouches. Kids love these delicious apple sauce filled pouches, which are easy to open and are an excellent source of vitamin C. The convenient pouches can be chilled or eaten at room temperature, making them perfect for traveling with kids of all ages.

Cheese, please

Cheese is a staple when it comes to keeping kids satiated since it’s loaded with protein, and an added bonus – calcium. String cheese is often the most popular among small children, since they can either bite into it or peel it off piece by piece, which helps keep them entertained. It’s available in a variety of flavors, from cheddar to mozzarella, so there’s something for every little one. Cheese also pairs well with sliced apples, grapes or crackers.

Hydration on the highway

It can be tempting to skip the beverages when you’re on long trips to avoid bathroom breaks, but staying hydrated is key to staying healthy and happy. Pack juice boxes or small bottles of water for car trips – the small size is perfect for your little one, but it also helps to keep track of how much everyone is drinking. For plane travel, pack empty reusable water bottles and fill them up at a water fountain or restaurant once you’re through security.

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