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Playa Del Carmen
Mexico is suffering but not in the way you think.  A bad image prevails from the media in the US.  Media always speak badly about Mexico. It is true that some places are not recommended. But Mexico can be proud of having some amazing and wonderful safe places. Each of these has specific characteristics which make them unique and should not be missed. 
Let’s do an overview……
  • Let’s start. Cancun is famous all over the world for its great nightlife, its cheap margaritas and its wonderful manicured beaches. It is one of the favorite destinations for North Americans. Down there, tourists can find everything even a few US restaurant chains. It is so good to feel oneself at home anywhere in the world.
  • More in the North of the Yucatan Peninsula, you have Merida. A wonderful cultural and historical city. And one of the safest cities in Mexico. The region is full of archeological sites!!! You can find archeological sites such as Uxmal or Chichen Itzaas well as a strong Spanish fragrance right in the middle of the town!
San Cristobal de Las Casas
  •  San Cristobal de Las Casas in the state of Chiapas and San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato have a strong colonial history and architecture. Both of them enjoy eclectic populations. Near San Cristobal, you can enjoy some marvelous ancient ruins and a majestic neo-gothic church can be admired in San Miguel de Allende. In these two charming cities, you will find a bunch of foreigners living there!!! However you will be still able to feel the Mexican spirit of the towns.
  •  Near Mexico City, besides San Miguel de Allende, Valle de Bravo is located. This cute town sees every year the migration of the butterflies from Canada. A unique event in a life!! This area is also a paradise to practice outdoor activities: paragliding, wakeboarding, mountain biking enthusiastic will be full of happiness there.
  • Down the country, in the state of Oaxaca, you will find a remarkable city also called Oaxaca. This region is very famous for its food!!! So many local specialties that your gustative sense will never find in another place. For instance, the holly Mole (kind of sauce) is composed by more than 40 ingredients (nuts, onions, chocolate, chili, peanuts etc…). Hours of preparation are necessary to cook this specialty! Plus, you are going to meet so many great, nice and available people that you may fall in love and maybe stay there. Who knows?
  • Riviera Nayarit is the West Coast Riviera. Inhabitants and tourists enjoy everyday water activities offered by the proximity of the sea. The town is also full of various architectural styles. Art is well spread there. Moreover, if you like to enjoy the calm, you will get something out of it, for sure!
Let’s finish with two amazing cities in Baja-California: Loreto and Los Cabos.
Kayak in Loreto

  • Loreto is characterized by an aquatic life: Kayak, scuba diving, fishing, sailing are some of the possible activities.
  • Los Cabos offers 20 miles of glitzy resorts, gated all-inclusive residences in front of the turquoise sea of the Pacific Ocean!! There, lied on on a deckchair, sipping a nice Tequila, feeling the wind in your hair, you will realize that Mexico has still many secrets to reveal and to share.
Before erasing definitely Mexico from your list of potential country of vacations, do me a favor, come down here, and check out by yourself the Mexican treasures. Those places only offer safety, beauty, history and fun. 
Riviera Maya
 As Cancun is the first airport for American and Canadian flights, let’s start your visit down here with the Riviera Maya!! We wait on you at Playa Del Carmen and we will explain you everything about Mexico around a nice mojito! Kimbena! (Bye in Maya)
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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