The toucans are back to Playa del Carmen

toucans are back in Playa del Carmen

The toucans are back to Playa del Carmen, as several people reported on social media in recent days. In response to these claims, the Secretary for Environmental Issues on the Government of Solidaridad was able to confirm the sightings.

However, as cheerful as this news sounds, the reason for their return might not be as bright. In conversation with the biologist Roberto Rojo, he explained that possibly the toucans approached the city for food. After hurricanes and storms created scarcity, many species headed to Playa del Carmen and other neighboring towns.

In its official reaction, the authorities invited people to report to 911 any new sighting, especially if the bird is hurt. This is so that public services can help the bird, give it the appropriate care and take it back to its natural habitat. Other possible organizations are Rescate Animal SOS and Naturalia.

The Toucans of Playa del Carmen

The toucans of Playa are not any toucan, they are the ‘tucán pico-canoa’ (canoe beak), also known as iris beak toucan, or green beak toucan.

toucan canoe beak - the toucans are back in playa del carmen

Not only they are natural of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. They also have the honor of being the national bird of our neighbor Belize. If you look for toucans, you can find them from the Mexican jungles to Colombia and the North of Venezuela.

Besides, they are very social birds. They are usually accompanied by other toucans, in flocks of 6 to 12 birds, organized with a family structure. Toucans fight with their beaks, but they also ‘play ball’. In the bird-version of this game, one toucan throws fruit in the air, and the second goes for it.

They are really pretty animals, and there is even a Pokémon dedicated to them: Toucannon. But remember, if you see one in the city, call the appropriate agencies.




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