The murals of Playa del Carmen and their cultural significance - All About Playa del Carmen

The murals of Playa del Carmen and their cultural significance

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What used to be common walls have now become an expression of color, as they are a work of art created by Mexican hands who decided to bring a touch of beauty to the streets.

In Mexico, the culture of graffiti was initially frowned upon by the population, with time it has managed to be accepted little by little as a cultural movement that benefits in terms of urban visibility, to the point of being seen as a whole work of art.

As part of an acceptance process, step by step each colorless wall, urban artists make a mural which is well appreciated by tourists and local people who, at every opportunity, take the opportunity to take pictures that are shared to give to know the art of Playa del Carmen to the whole world.

A good example is the case of Kimberly Smith, a visitor from Los Angeles who highlighted that in several streets of the city she has seen colorful murals, “I like them a lot, it is a way of identifying Playa del Carmen as a cultural destination, as it shows the great number of artists in the area, some murals do have the name of the author, others his social network, but what a way to be received here.

The inhabitants of Playa del Carmen have also begun to appreciate the art embodied in the walls and hope that the city will be an example in recovering public spaces and promoting Mexican culture.

Gabriel from All About Playa

Gabriel from All About Playa

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