The Mexican Coke?? The Best One Ever!!

Who has never drunk a Coca-Cola in one’s life?? It is pretty difficult to imagine someone who has never tasted this soda once in their life!! Everywhere you go, you can find a Coke to buy. In fact their motto is offering people the possibility of having a coke within reach in any place, whether in big cities or in the deepest jungle! And the firm has succeeded pretty well!

Mexicans, as surprising as it may appear, are the TOP Coca-Cola consumers in the world!!! There are different explanations for this position. One of them could be the taste of the beverage. This latter seems to be different and better than any other Coke in the world. Why? We may wonder. According to, a study has been made to evaluate if the Mexican coke is really different to people’s taste buds. The outcome of the study shows that YES, MEXICAN COKE is DIFFERENT and also BETTER in taste than the regular one!! 85% of the interviewees were able to discern the 2 Cokes from each other and 80 % of them of the participants prefer the Mexican Coke!!!

Why the Mexican Coke tastes better than the regular one whereas, according to the company, there are no difference in the production process of the beverages! Well, actually, there is one, and a huge one!!! We all know that Coke is made with sugar. The secret of the better taste of the Mexican Coke relies on the type of sugar used!!! So simple!! The production process of the beverage differs according to the country as the plant will use the less expensive resource of the place to produce the beverage. In many places, sugar is expensive end the company uses then a substitute: a high-fructose corn syrup. This gives a bitter taste with a chemical sensation at the beginning and at the end of the sip, disadvantage that the Mexican Coke doesn’t have because it is made with real sugar as down here it is cheap.

You want to try?? I’ve got the solution!! Come down here in Playa Del Carmen and taste one of these fabulous cokes!! For sure, there are going to be Mexican!! They are produced only few miles away from the city. and  cannot wait for your impressions!!

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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