The Mayan Gods


In ancient times, civilization used to pray to almost imperceptible entities that were present in many forms: humanoids, animals, plants… Mayan gods were represented with artistic activities like paintings, architecture and sculptures.

Based on sculptures and paintings, a group of experts have revealed a new image for the main Mayan gods. Here we will talk about the ancient deities the Mayans worshipped.


One of the most important gods, it’s linked to rain, storms and thunder. It’s pictured with a big nose and huge fangs.

Hunab Ku

The most important God in Mayan culture is both a male and a female, was responsible for the birth of the universe and all the other gods. When a living being dies it goes back to Hunab Ku because he is all and nothing at the same time.

Hunab ku created the world three times and is usually referred as the “only giver”.


He is the god of the sun and wisdom, lord of the sky, the night and the day. For a long time people thought he was the most important god but now we know he is the son of Hunab Ku. He is often represented as an old man.


The goddess of the moon is linked to water, fertility and rabbits. She was depicted as a young woman on new moon and as an old woman on full moon. Mayans pictured her as a lady pouring water form a jar.

Kinich Ahau

The god of the solar eye it was belived that caused squint eyes on kids destined for government. He was depicted with jaguar ears and big squared shaped eyes.


Also known as a snake with feathers is linked with wind and wisdom and he is the equivalent to Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec culture. He has been called a traveler from far away and according to mythology he descends every year over the pyramid located in Chichen Itza.


The guardian of the universe, he is depicted as an od man with a turtle shell and long arms.

Yum Kaax

God of the corn, was represented as a handsome young man with a corn behind his head and is also asiciated with the colors blue and yellow

Yum Kimil

Lord of the dead ones, he was in Xibalba (the underworld) surrounded by other entites related to death. He was depicted as a skeleton.




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