The Maya Holly Journey in Playa Del Carmen!

Were you in Playa Del Carmen this week-end? If no, you definitely missed something!! If yes, I really hope you were on the Playa Fundadores!!

A majestic show called La Travesia Sagrada Maya (the Mayan holly journey) took place at 11.00 AM on the beach. This spectacle was organized by Xcaret Attraction Park. Every step of this show was respecting a historical event, recounted the yearly trip made by the Maya to venerate the goddess Ixchel. As the history, the show starts in Xcaret on the 17th, where they stopped one night. The next day, they reached Cozumel’s island to worship the goddess in the Maya temple. Finally, on the third day, they arrived in Playa Del Carmen at 12.00, welcomed by the tourists and Mexican spectators. On this last spot, canoes arriving from Cozumel were welcomed by the dance of grandmothers, mothers and children.

This event was extremely interesting. It provided you an overview about the Mayan rites and the magnificence of the culture. Music, clothes, haircuts, houses, paintings, dances were all made according to the Mayan traditions. This event was full color!!

Canada2playaand American Development wish you a good day!

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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