The hammock house in Playa Del Carmen!!!

Amazing Mexican Hammocks

Many tourists come down the Riviera Maya to visit this wonderful area. Americans, Canadians, Europeans, people come from all around the world to enjoy this piece of paradise.

You will walk around the Quinta Avenida (5thAvenue), enjoy the Mexican food in a typical Mexican restaurant, you will also discover the traditional clothes and some nice souvenirs which will always remind your vacation ¡n the Riviera Maya.

By dint of walking around the city, I bet that you will be willing to buy …….. the nicest, most peaceful, relaxing, calm and amazing Mexican object!!! What is it???? Just make a guess…

YES, YOU ARE RIGHT, a HAMMOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d swear that you will die to have one at home!! Just to be lazy… not often….. Just once in a while…..during the week end….. after work….every day…. 5 minutes….

BUT, as there is always a BUT, you spent a lot of money last night at the Blue Parrot or at the Mandala and you cannot afford a 1000 pesos hammock, do not worry:

I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!!! Read carefully, here is the local tip:

Before getting your plain or just during your stay here, go up the 30th Avenue. Take right and walk straight during 15 minutes (depends on you are obviously at, let’s say 15 minutes from Constituyentes, 10 minutes from Mamita street, the 28th one).  Pass the CTM street and walk up to the 52th street. And here you STOP!! On the right side you will see a shop with a panel “La casa de las hamacas”. You arrived. As it is a bit far, a taxi can drive you there in 10 minutes for 40 pesos maximum.

Just for the fun 🙂
In this shop, you have all the hammocks you wish: single, matrimonial, queen and king size.  You can choose between a single or double mesh. And, of course, you can choose your favorite color.

The price for a simple mesh matrimonial hammock is 45 USD, a queen size 65 USD and a king size, where all the family can relax in the same time, 80 USD.

You will leave the shop with an explicative flyer, sharing with you the hammock secret (how to tide it, how to wash it etc).

The store is open from 9 am to 10 pm during the week and ASLO during the week-end. Even if you don’t want to buy any, you should pass by; the shop is very interesting and impressive.

Oh, I almost forgot! You can find the most original and cutest gift ever there !!  A small 30 inches hammock! No space needed in your suitcase!! You will also find some Maya and Aztec lucky charms!!!

American-development and wish you a wonderful lazy day in your hammock!
Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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