The global warming increases the risk of Hurricanes in the Caribbean.


Undeniably for years the global warming in the earth has started. In many regions of the world, you can observe changes. In some places the climate temperatures increase in the extreme and in some other regions, the seasons no longer exist.
In Arctic, the climate is warmer, consequently,the water cannot freeze anymore. The existing ices melt and the sea and ocean level rise up every year of 1 to 2 centimeters.

The other products are competent for the 1st or 2nd level. Regarding the other levels of dangerousness, only Astro Guard is really competent and effective.

Deserts become dryer, the water disappears. In the Caribbean, the climate gets warmer. As the temperature of the air, and the water doesn’t cool down, the barometric pressure of the Caribbean is lower, which favors the creation of the hurricane. Indeed, the hurricane draws its strength in the warmth of the atmosphere.  The outcome of not having a TROPICAL region cooled down may end up in a hurricane.  As the air here doesn’t cool down because the global warming heats up the region, the risk of hurricanes is higher every year. 

This year, next year, in two years, a hurricane can form and hit the Riviera Maya terribly. Our chance regarding this natural catastrophe is this following: It is the only natural catastrophe you can protect yourself from. 

As the buildings down here in the Riviera Maya are all made in concrete reinforced by steel, they will stay up and will provide you security for you, your family and for the objects inside your home. The weaken points are doors and windows that need to be protected and reinforced! Forget the wood! Why? Simply because the wood is not resistant enough to face the strength of a raged hurricane! By using wood, one this later will be blown off by the hurricane, the wood fragment will become another threat as they will turn into projectiles! Another danger you will have to protect yourself from.

Astro Guard
Do not lie to yourself and let make it simple and clear. There is no way to protect yourself or your house if you don’t use the adequate product. So far, the best product known on the market is a American product called Astro Guard. It is used in the United States in the hurricanes regions as Louisiana or Florida.  The product was tested with the best and strongest machines. None of them has been able to tear the product into pieces or even to break it. The product is made from balistic nylon. The product has a double layer. So far, it has been and is the best product of the market. In contrary to its competitor products, it fulfills all the requirements to face the hurricane level 5! (5 levels exist to determine the strength and the dangerousness of a hurricane- the 5th level is the strongest one).

Never think that a hurricane level 5 will never happen. Remember Katrina, remember Wilma, remember the typhoons (hurricane’s name in Asia) in Indonesia. It happens and it will happen more and more often, especially in the Mexican Caribbean and Riviera Maya, as the global warming is on and the region is tropical.

It is better to protect oneself, you, your family, your house and business, once for all, than to install a product which will blow up or deteriorate after the first hurricane.

Do you have a family to protect? A hotel to keep up? A business to save? A wonderful recently built house? Don’t let the hurricane destroy of your life and happiness.

For more information, DO NOT HESITATE to CONTACT Astro Guard company by email: or via the website:

The company is located on the 10th Street (Calle 10) between the 14th bis and the 16th avenues (entre av.14 Norte bis y 16).

Don’t wait on the announcement of the hurricanes arrival to be prepared. Your life is priceless, as your family is as well. 
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