The Cancun airport is the giant of the skies

The amount of passengers arriving to the Cancun airport  doubled the amount of those arriving to  Mexico City, The Ministry of Tourism  announced that the arrival of international travelers for the month of November 2015 was 7.6 million, of which the Cancun International Airport received 5,939,843, almost doubling what the airport received in City Mexico with 3,008,861. Note that this year the terminal of the Mexican Caribbean received more than 19 million domestic and international passengers!

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These are the figures from the Tourism Ministry:
During January-November 2015, the airports that received the highest number of international passengers  in Mexico: Cancun (5,939,843), Mexico City (3,008,861), Los Cabos (1,157,978), Puerto Vallarta (1,034,998) and Guadalajara (688.341)
The overall growth was 0.5 million visitors over the same period of 2014, an increase of 6.6% over the same month last year.

The entry of foreign currency exchange from international travelers for the month of November 2015 was 1.386 million, an increase of 53.8 million dollars for the month of November 2014 , equivalent to a 4% increase.

Announcing the latest figures of the National Statistical Information of the Tourism Sector of Mexico (Datatur), the Tourism Ministry said the cumulative foreign exchange earnings for this item increased, from January to November,  15 thousand 537 million dollars, increased 7.8% over the same period of 2014.

The statistics of the  Secretary of Planning and Tourism Ministry of the Tourism Policy, also revealed that the balance of the tourism of international travelers to November last year was $ 481 million, an amount 11.5% above the observed in the same month of 2014.
Thus, the accumulated balance in tourism January-November period amounted to six thousand 420 million dollars, an increase of 10.9% over the first eleven months of 2014.
Tourist arrivals internment, the main component of international visitors increased 14.2% in the period from January to November 2015 compared to the same period last year. Of total tourists admission, 85% were admitted traveling by air and the remaining 15% did so by land.

For this part, explained the Tourism Ministry, the arrival of tourists increased nearly 4.3% in the same period of 2015, compared with the previous year. Of total tourists,  83% traveled by car and the remaining 17% were pedestrians.
For the same period, the spending of  tourists traveling by car was 619.3 million dollars, representing 86.1% of total expenditure.

 The arrival of US air accounted for 57.2% of total international passengers, and the Latin America and the Caribbean, the country with the largest number of arrivals was Colombia with 366.904 visitors, which represents an annual increase of 25.5 %.
The visitors registered as US citizens registered an increase of 16.7% in the January-November period of 2015, totaling 7.5 million passengers; most arrived at the Cancun airport, followed by Mexico City.
In turn, tourists who arrived by air from Canada recorded an increase of 4.8% during January-November 2015 compared to 2014, reaching 1.5 million passengers; mainly they arrived at the Cancun airport, followed by Puerto Vallarta.
Finally, Datatur figures released by the Tourism Ministry showed that the percentage of hotel occupancy in the group of 70 resorts during the period from January to November 2015 was higher by 2.50 percentage points from the same period last year above, reaching 59.6%.



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