The Best Dinner & Show in Riviera May is Celebrating 5 Years

With a new menu, the show Joyà del Cirque du Soleil turns five, close to reaching one million spectators and more than 1,650 functions.

As part of the beginning of the season, it was announced that the new gastronomic experience and the renewal of the Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ show promise to create an atmosphere of magic and fantasy for all those who have already seen the artistic show and for those who They will visit for the first time at the Vidanta Theater in Vidanta Riviera Maya.

In a statement, it was announced that for the already iconic dinner & show resident in the Riviera Maya, Alexis Bostelmann and his team created a completely new fantasy world with products of Mexican origin as a prelude to the magical experience of JOYÀ

“All the Elements that make up this magnificent show were my inspiration to present a menu with great meaning and history, so that once the show starts, visitors will connect all the details, finding a much more theatrical experience, more thematic and also much more spectacular”.

According to information provided, the process of reinventing the gastronomic experience of Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ, took Alexis Bostelmann and his team, consisting of approximately 70 people, more than six months, during which time they decided to create something never seen before but using as many local products as possible, such as Tabasco chocolate or lobster from the Caribbean coast, thus highlighting the origin and inspiration of the show in which attendees will be transported to a fantasy world during the 140 minutes of this experience.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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