Taking a Taxi in Playa Del Carmen

Grabbing a taxi in Playa Del Carmen is relatively easy to navigate and inexpensive. Compared to other places and even other parts of Mexico taxis are pretty cheap. Here is a simple guide so you know how much to pay for a ride in Playa Del Carmen and some of the other details you should know.

See our latest video of our interview with the public relations of the taxis in Playa Del Carmen here. We asked about Uber and pubic sentiment of taxi service.

Taking Taxis in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen taxis are clean and there seems to be a good amount available except when it rains (like everywhere in the world). Most taxis are smaller cars so that means 3-4 people maximum in a car. Many taxis in Playa Del Carmen are Nissan Versa models which have a good amount of room in the back seat and make for a more comfortable taxi ride.

To tip or not to tip a taxi driver?

Tipping is not usually done but if you care to round up 5 pesos to the next whole amount, that is fine. If a driver helps you with a bag or goes out of his way to give you an extra service, it is polite to tip about 10-20 pesos.

How to hail a taxi in Playa Del Carmen

There are two places you can get a taxi. You can get them on the street or at a stand. Here are the details for both and the cost.

Hailing a taxi on the street in Playa Del Carmen

Taxis can be hailed on the street simply by raising your arm. Try to be considerate to everyone else and choose a location where it can pull over and out of traffic. Try not to have a conversation with the driver and negotiate a price. Prices are set by the rate chart as you will see below.

Street taxis are the same as the taxis at the taxi stands. In some countries there are radio and regular taxis on the street. Sometimes radio taxis are considered safer the getting a taxi on the street. In Playa Del Carmen both taxis at stands and on the street are the same. You just pay more for a taxi at a stand in Playa Del Carmen.

Taking a taxi from a taxi stand or hotel.

The taxi stands are places where there are more needing to catch a taxi.  In this stands, the drivers tend to charge a little more (usually 20 pesos more, but your mileage may vary). There is no official extra charge so taxis at stands can charge more.

Where are taxi stands?

Here are some popular places taxi stands can be found in Playa Del Carmen. These are most convenient for tourist in the downtown.

  • Next to the ADO bus station on 5th Avenue and Avenue Juarez.
  • 5th Avenue and 10th Street next to the Starbucks.
  • 10th Avenue and 12th Street where many people end after going out clubbing.
  • 5th Avenue and Constituyentes Avenue.
  • 5th Avenue and 38th Street.

How much are Playa Del Carmen taxis?

Taxis are not metered in Playa Del Carmen but there is a chart of zones and how much it should be. If you ask how much at the end of you ride you often will be charged 5-10 pesos or more extra. Having a knowledge of prices or even a chart with you will save you from being over charged. Check out our article here to help you avoid scams from taxis.

Some taxi drivers speak English, those that work from stands tend to speak more English since more tourist catch them from the stands. If you are not sure the actual cost, you can ask before you get in. If it sounds fair, hop in. It is not the end of the world if you pay a little more then the actual rate but… don’t get taken for a ride by a taxi driver trying to overcharge you after you have taken the ride.

RadioTaxi PDC app

Personally, I have never called a taxi or used the application for anything other than using the automatic fare that is included, but that is reason enough to recommend downloading this app. It is free and available for iOS and Android

Can you take a taxi to the Cancun Airport?

It is possible and may be convenient but there are other options that might fit your circumstances. It should be noted that there is a high fixed rate from the airport to Playa Del Carmen but going to the airport is more negotiable but up to the individual driver. Here are three options for you.

  1. Taking a taxi to the airport. From 5th Avenue and Av Juarez stand is about 350 pesos.
  2. The ADO bus, about 250 pesos.
  3. Or a private transfer.

Talking about the taxi and ADO options; ADO may be cheaper but it takes more time to arrive to the airport, 1 hour and 20 minutes aprox. The taxi stand just in front of ADO is around 100 pesos more expensive but is the go to option if you are on a hurry since it arrives in about 40 minutes.

Can I take a taxi to Cancun from Playa Del Carmen?

We get this question a lot since people in Cancun want to come to Playa Del Carmen or vice versa. The answer is yes but it is going to cost you. You have to realize it is 45 minutes to one hour between your hotel and where you are going. Anywhere in the world a taxi ride is going to cost you. There is an official price of 670 pesos from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun or 700 to the Cancun Hotel Zone.  These areas are large and up to the interpretation of the driver. You should always ask before getting in.

If that price is too much you can consider these options for getting between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

  • Take the colectivos. These are shared vans that run between 2nd Street in Playa Del Carmen and just next to the ADO bus station in Cancun. It costs 45 pesos per person each way. This ride will take you about 45 minutes. You will just need to take a taxi to and from your destinations.
  • Another option is to take the ADO bus from Cancun ADO bus station to Playa Del Carmen’s ADO bus station on Juarez and 5th Avenue.

Photos of Taxi Stands in Playa Del Carmen

Here are two popular places where tourist can get a taxi near 5th Avenue. Just remember that this stands change more. There is no official set charge for the stands on top of the regular fare so just check before getting in.

Playa Del Carmen Taxi Stand By ADO Bus Station on 5th Ave.

Taxi Stand By ADO Bus Station on 5th Ave.

Taxi Playa Del Carmen taxi stand.

Playa Del Carmen taxi stand on 5th and Constituyentes Avenue.

What about UBER in Playa Del Carmen?

Uber worked on Cancun for a short time, in the end, they suspendend their service due to conflicts with the government. Uber service never arrived to Playa del Carmen and it doesn’t look like it will be serving soon.

Have a question or comment about taking taxis in Playa Del Carmen? Let us know in the comments below.

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