Summer Camp for Kids in Playa!

According to The summer camp program will be going again in 2011. For many families, the school break means travel! Many will take this time to travel to see their families scattered across Mexico. Others will depart for cooler climates in the US, Europe and Canada. For those staying put, the challenge is always “What to do with the children?”. When school is out and most of the extracurricular activities have been suspended for the summer months there is a huge gap to be filled in the daily lives of our young ones. Many families, especially those with two working parents, will be looking for fun summer programs to fill the time for their restless ninas. Fortunately, there are some nice options for children of all ages to keep them active and occupied until classes start up again at the end of August.

Whether your children are interested in sports, nature, the arts or even a traditional sleep-over camp experience, there are a variety of options to choose from. Children ages 5 – 12 are invited to spend the summer break in the jungle at Parque la Ceiba in Playa del Carmen. Students will participate in a wide variety of classes and activities including Huichol art, dance, drama, recycling, gardening, cooking and much more. The children will enjoy field trips to the Xcaret aquarium, a plant nursery, a turtle sanctuary and other fun trips designed to stimulate their minds and bodies and fuel their imagination! Prices include all materials and costs for field trips. Instruction will primarily be given in Spanish providing a wonderful opportunity for children new to Mexico to immerse themselves in the language in a casual and fun environment without the pressures of school. For more information and to sign up, contact Gina Taboada at

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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