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Playa Del Carmen is a multicultural nice little town.  Through its 2 decades of growing, Playa Del Carmen has shown many developments of high quality medical facilities. Indeed, being influenced by the Northern America and Europe, Playa has well assimilated the Western medical norms to offer the best service to its inhabitants and its tourists. 

In Playacar Phase II, the hospital HOSPITEN was built with this idea in mind. It offers various different services to satisfy every client of any age. Children, adults and elderly can find at Hospiten the adequate solution and service to your concern.

The children will be welcome by the pediatric service and the pregnant women will be taken into care by the maternity.

The hospital also offers a digestive service where you can check the presence of a colon cancer, a diagnostic and treatment center.

Also, if you want to benefit from the Mexican cheaper prices to perform a high quality esthetic or reconstructive surgery, Hospiten is also the place you can go to. They propose any kind of surgeries led by competent surgeons. These formers generally studied in the USA or Canada. Moreover, they yearly operate hundreds of patients.

You can check out the website, available in English, for further information

American-development and Canada2Playa wish you a good day!

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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