More Tourists, More Money, More Growth

The Bank of Mexico is reporting that border tourism for month of January 2011 has risen a massive 8.8% on the previous year, with an increase of 3.3% average expenditure of international visitors. It could be assumed that this expenditure percentage could be even higher save the large amount of cheap airfare/accommodation packages being used to lure more tourists than ever to Mexico’s beaches thus reducing costs.
In January, 1,965,000 tourists visited Mexico’s major attractions such as the Tour of Mexico, Pueblo Magico, colonial sites and seaside destinations, including Playa del Carmen and other major hubs of the Riviera Maya, against 932,000 who did in the same period a year earlier.
Spending by cruise passengers, such as those that frequent popular port stops like Cozumel next door to Playa del Carmen, also increased rising by about US$57,000,000 an increase of 2.6%. As usual these days, more good news for Mexico’s tourism sector.
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Eduardo from All About Playa

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