Mexico Tourism’s new global campaign: A World of its Own

The Mexico Tourism Bureau presented its new global campaign, “A World of its Own” in New York.

This is a campaign that is the next chapter in the positioning and promotion of Mexico’s global tourism, focusing on vibrant and varied experiences that make visitors return to the country to visit more and more hundreds of destinations that Mexico offers.

The positioning of “A World of its Own” reveals in its entirety the proportions and diversity of Mexican tourism offerings, and arrives at a time when Mexico has gone from being the 15th most-visited nation in 2012 in the world at eighth place (source: UNWTO), surpassing several times the industry’s global growth rate.

“This new campaign invites us to immerse ourselves in everything that is Mexico,” said Hector Flores Santana, Managing Director of Mexico’s Tourist Board, and we believe that the very name says everything: A World of its Own”.

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