How to be Prepared for Summer Vacations in Playa del Carmen

– Playa del Carmen has many options to have a good time, so if you plan to spend a few days, return soon up to two or three times more than enough to know the tourist attractions that the cosmopolitan city offers.

– Summer and winter vacations belong to the high season of Playa del Carmen and all of Quintana Roo, if you choose tours and lodging far from these months you can get affordable prices.

– In summer the heat is even more intense as well as the humidity, if you are not accustomed choose the winter holidays, the mornings are cool and the nights too, prepare yourself with a simple coat.

– To get to Playa del Carmen from Cancun, it is very economical to transport you in a van, in case you don’t have so many bags. In this type of transport you can also reach the attractions such as Xel-Há or Xplor if you want to walk at your own pace and save money.

– If you are staying in an all-inclusive hotel, choose one that is close to Fifth Avenue to reach on foot, although it is best not to choose these types of hotels, since there are too many places to see and visit outside.

– Get ready to walk with good shoes, shirts with short sleeves, sunglasses and UV sunscreen over 50. To go out at night just casual clothes and sandals. For the club and luxurious restaurants, something elegant but simple and not so pretentious.

– Going to Cozumel is a great recommendation, as well as going out of the beach to take different adventures, Sian ka’an and Tulum are also highly recommended. There are places that provide information to take the tours, you can also do it on your own in taxis or fast combis.

– If you go on excursions do not forget to bring mosquito repellent.

-If the question is to save there are fast food establishments. In addition, I recommend you to look for places in the streets next to Fifth Avenue and take a walk along Juárez Avenue, there are very good local food establishments and you will save some pesos.

– Verify that in restaurants your account does not include tips.

– When you go shopping, the first stores on Fifth Avenue have the highest prices, if you walk a little more you will notice that they offer things for a few pesos less. If possible, haggle. Prices are priced in dollars and euros.

– To change money there is nothing better than banks.

– New Year’s parties are a must in Playa del Carmen, the streets are full of festivities and continue until dawn. For this reserve with time because fame is very popular.

– Choose the best club and bar from early.

– If you are a woman and you go out with a group of friends, it is best to leave from 10 at night, to start the drink women have preference, do not pay or have discounts.

– There are car rental companies but it is best to walk on foot because the center is small.

– Watch the sunset on one of its beautiful beaches and then get ready to see the stars, it’s a great experience.

– Do not forget to take photos in the Mayan Portal at night.

– Enjoy its beaches, there are beach clubs with great music and activities such as jet skis, kayaks and more. Check out the best prices and go on an adventure.

– After the beach, enjoy the tranquility of its squares, have a coffee and watch the walk of beach lovers with background music and let yourself relax.

– Playa del Carmen will relieve you of stress, will fill you with life. Get ready to enjoy it, discover and come back soon.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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