Healthy Tacos at Los Aguachiles in Playa del Carmen.

When one thinks about health food, something friendly to the heart and wasteline, tacos really don’t spring to mind. When was the last time your cardiologist put you on an “all taco diet”? Exactly. Mounds of meat cooked in lard or deep fried shrimp piled on a torilla don’t exactly fit the bill for most healthy eating plans. Well, maybe our doctors need to make a visit to Los Aguachiles for a plateful of delicious seafood tacos or a heaping bowl of ceviche.  

Rather than the deep fried versions (let’s be honest…they’re really yummy) made famous in Playa del Carmen by Dr. Taco and El Oasis among others, these tacos are all made with fresh ingredients that have either been sauteed in olive oil or “cooked” ceviche style in fresh lime juice. Each taco is served piled high with grated cucumber, pickled onion, cilantro and purple cabbage.

The restaurant offers your choice of corn or flour totillas as well as crispy tostadas and bib lettuce. That’s right, for those of you watching excess carbs, all this tasty goodness can be wrapped up in giant lettuce leaves. Completely guilt free tacos!! For those of you less concerned about your figure, there are a selection of delicious salsas, several of which are mayonnaise based, with which to adorn your taco. Choose from creamy cilantro, chipotle, jalepeno, strawberry-,habanero or tamarindo.

Normally, I lean toward flour tortillas with my tacos, (that’s gringo style) but the corn tortillas here are like none I have ever had. They are obviously home made and served just slightly fried, crunchy and yet soft at the same time! The tostada shells are good but fairly pedestrian, so make sure you order at least one thing from the Taco menu. I highly recommend you try them. Los Aguachiles has a liquor license so feel free to wash down your tacos with an ice cold cerveza.

Los Aguachiles is located on the corner of Avenida 25 and Calle 34 in Playa del Carmen.

By Michele Kinnon 

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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