Ganja in live in Coco Maya in Playa Del Carmen!!

Flash INFO #2

On April 29, the famous reggae band Ganja is in town in Playa Del Carmen!! They are here for you!!The concert starts at 9pm. The party takes place in the beach club Coco Maya, next to the Blue Parrot, on the famous 12th Street. 

Are you ready to dance until dawn? Because the party will end at 6AM. If you enjoy reggae music and if you suffer from insomnia check it out!! That night is yours!!

Four different Dj’s will be present to take over Ganja. If you live in Playa, you may already know them. They are Dj in key places in town:

-2 of them from Coco Maya: Dj Marvin and DJ Chuy Mota
-2 others come from the famous and incontrovertible Pura Vida: Dj Sapo and Dj Guisburg!

That night the 3 Dj’s will be also the celebration their birthdays!! Be sure not to miss this event! and canda2playa always here to give you the good tips!!

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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