Fun ways to keep your kids active and energized


When you're a kid, a day packed with activity usually means lots of fun. For parents, finding different ways to keep your kids enriched and energized is the key to ensuring that their days are wholesome and enjoyable.

As your children head back to school and into the fall season, there's no shortage of activities to keep them occupied. Here are a few tips to help keep the fun going when your schedules are full:

* Keep play simple. Take breaks to let your children play outside. Remember the fun you had at the neighborhood park, simply going down the slide over and over or even just running around and playing tag? Even in today's technology-filled world, there's still nothing that beats good old-fashioned outdoor play time. You might find it especially fun to teach your kids some simple games, like "Kick The Can," that you might have played when you were young. Encourage your kids to use their imagination when playing, as imaginative play can help foster their creativity.

* Keep an on-the-go bag stocked with fun, convenient and wholesome snacks. For example, all-natural GoGo squeeZ is a no-spoon, no-mess way to enjoy fruit on-the-go. It's 100 percent fruit, squeezable applesauce for kids that is packaged in convenient resealable pouches that require no refrigeration. It is possible to find convenient snacks with no refined sugars or preservatives. To learn where you can find GoGo squeeZ, visit

* Find some time to volunteer. Introduce your kids to the power of doing good for others by signing your family up to volunteer somewhere that will provide a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone. You could offer to walk dogs at the local animal shelter or see if your  local senior living facilities have an activity day where children are invited to play. Sites such as can help match you up with child-friendly opportunities in your town.

* Sing. Especially when you have younger children, nothing can brighten up an ordinary car ride like some of your favorite songs. Let each child – and even mom and dad – take a turn picking favorite tunes and you'll be at your destination before you know it.

Keeping things simple and fun is a surefire way to keep busy days with your children delightful for everyone. The little things like packing easy yet delicious snacks, helping someone else or hopping out of the car for a no-fuss outdoor activity can keep you and your children energized and feeling good.

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