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Really into fitness and healthy living? Many people while on vacation like to keep up their fitness levels by dropping into a gym, perhaps to compensate for the guilt felt by indulging while on vacation or just to get another injection of that euphoric feeling that comes from the endorphin’s your body produces while working out, there is no wrong reason to visit a gymnasium.


If you’re anything like me however, not just any gym will do. Maybe I’m just spoilt but I’m long past the time of being able to work out in “mom and dad’s” sweatbox, I like a nice well manicured venue at which to exercise, having been a member at many a Gold’s Gym and Fitness World.

Should you be vacationing here in beautiful Playa del Carmen, spending your days by the beach, enjoying the refreshing tropical waters and spending your nights trying the multitude of excellent restaurants and experiencing the exciting nightlife, there is only one gym for you…

Evolve Gym. American owned and operated Evolve Gym is perhaps Playa del Carmen’s most recognized and premier gymnasium. With very reasonable prices and a large variety of fitness classes included (ranging from spin class to boxing and even pole dancing) you’ll no doubt find something that strikes your interest.

 The gym itself is two stories, with change rooms, rooms for fitness classes and a full nutrition store that makes some of the best protein shakes you’ll ever try downstairs. While upstairs is a fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art treadmills, bicycles, Stair-masters and automation’s I have never even seen before. As well as a huge range of free-weights, stationary machines and benches, you will never run out of options for changing up your workout. Fully air-conditioned, flat-screen TV’s and contemporary popular music playing always, you’ll feel like you’re at home…that is until you return to the beach.

Evolve also has a very-well qualified, friendly group of bilingual staff and personal trainers, some of them originally from the US. They are always ready to help you out in way they possibly can and really make you feel like part of the Evolve family. The gym is spotless and kept continuously up to the highest hygiene standards that you will find in any world-class premier gym in the US or Canada.


Located right in the center of Playa del Carmen on 24th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue, Evolve Gym is very hard to miss but should you find yourself a little unawares of its location most people that are living or have been vacationing in the area will be able to direct you.


For whatever reason you wish to hit the gym, Evolve Gym provides the perfect place to do so.


Be sure to visit their official website here

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