Festival of Life and Death, a celebration to the dead

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of  the Day of the Dead experience

Mexico is a country with many traditions, one of the most representative and colorful that is celebrated is the Day of the Dead.

This very Mexican celebration is listed as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The beauty of the altars is where people make an offering to their relatives with food, candles, and marigold flowers.



It is believed that on the Day of the Dead, relatives who have passed away visit the altars to share food with us for a momen.  They commemorate Hanal Pixán, which means Food of the Souls.

If you are visiting Mexico from November 31th to 3th, the Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmén celebrates it in a big way with its Festival of Life and Death Traditions.

This year will be the 15th edition that aims to open the audience a little due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unlike last year.

The festival will have artistic dance presentations, plays, workshops, and exhibitions, as well as digital events. It will also have a space for children, “La Hacienda Interactiva ” where they will learn while having fun.

As part of the presentations, the Jaranera Xcaret Orchestra will be present, a group that seeks to preserve, rescue, and contribute to the musical heritage of Mexico.

The objective of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions is to contribute to the preservation of traditions and to have the opportunity to show the culture of Mexico worldwide.

You can buy your tickets to this celebration on the website of the Festival and live a fantastic experience in the company of your family.



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Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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