Festival Internacional de Danza de la Riviera Maya 2015-Del 07 a 13 de diciembre de 2015 en Playa del Carmen


The International Dance Festival of the Riviera Maya 2015 will take place from December 07th to the 13th bringing amazing dance shows for free to Playa del Carmen!

After the International Theater Festival which took place last October, Playa will be home to this dance edition of the same festival!

Here are the events which will take place in the Playa del Carmen Performing arts theater!

December 7th! Grand opening


The company develops processes of creation and experimentation from the construction and deconstruction of personal concepts and tools that come from the contemporary performing arts. In 2010 Four X Four began a stage direction by integrating drama, choreography, physicality, speech, philosophy, experimentation and intervention in a dynamic unit to be the body and the action the center of creation within a lab called “The Void Body” directed by Vera Shanti.

December 8th


Tuesday, December 8 20:00 hrs. City Theatre Delfos * invited National Contemporary Dance Company · · · AUTHOR. Claudia Lavista and Victor Manuel Ruiz SYNOPSIS. Life’s strategy, the costume is part of it … The mask is a symptom, sometimes a useful maneuver, but the masks have an expiration date and, in the end, we are all who we are. Our true nature will surface when we feel that our disguise is no longer helpful. Our real identity will always appear at the end … or sooner, if we are brave and responsible enough to look in the mirror and realize that there is something beyond the obvious.

December 9th


Wednesday, December 9 20:00 hrs. GALA City Theatre Company CONTEMPORARY classical dance Quintana Roo. * Local Company selected · · · author of the work. José Olivares, Duane Cochran, Eduardo Esquivel, Yuridia Ortega, Jaime Camarena and Cesar Tizcareño. SYNOPSIS. The program consists of several pieces of different contemporary choreographers: Short legs for long trips, Evidence of Absence, Blue’s Note’s, on the roofs of the Moon, Ludum and moments. All works have as a thread, a number of possibilities and impossibilities of daily life ranging from the banal to the necessary, the tangible to the intangible.

December 10th

Thursfidanza-2015-presenta-saberse-agua-61 (1)day, December 10 20:00. City Theatre Company  KNOWN WATER * Local Company selected




December 11th


Friday, December 11
20:00 hrs.
Blue Parrot
Camerino 4 Contemporary Dance
* Invited national Company

December 12th


Saturday, December 12
20:00 hrs.
City Theatre
Chronicles of transhumance
Scenic Laboratory Contracuerpo
* Invited national Company

December 13th


Sunday, December 13
11:00 hrs.
City Theatre
collective Beach
* Selected Local Company
Talulah dancers in formation, City Contemporary Dance Co. and Explayarte

Remember that the entrance to these events is absolutely free, you can pick up your tickets from noon to the time of the event, due to theater occupancy we recommend you pick them up a few hours before the show!

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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