Disciplined and committed candidates wanted to serve in the elite United States Submarine Force

(BPT) – Sailors silently gliding underwater while patrolling the ocean depths in a nuclear-powered sub and the pride of earning the coveted Submarine Dolphins. This is the exciting and challenging life for personnel in the United States Naval Submarine force.

Today, U.S. nuclear powered submarines are an integral part of any U.S. Navy, Joint or Combined Forces team. U.S. Submarines operate covertly, free of logistics support for extended periods. Using advanced technology, submarines operating “Forward … From the Sea” independently, or with other Naval Forces are an invaluable sensor and weapons system platform. Submariners are in charge of all that goes into driving, powering, arming and operating the Navy’s Fleet of attack, ballistic missile and guided missile subs. These roles are only given to a small group of highly disciplined and committed personnel.

While at sea, crews often experience strong camaraderie during the busy lifestyle of specialized work, watches and drills. Everyone on the crew is important to the submarine being successful in a challenging environment. Women are being integrated into the submarine force, so opportunities may exist for anyone who is qualified.

The U.S. Navy’s Submarine Force has the world’s most capable submarines, manned by the world’s best trained and motivated submariners. During political or military confrontation, any potential adversary must assume that United States Navy Submarines are present and consider the consequences.

There are multiple jobs to join in the United States Submarine Force. Whether you are just graduating college or high school or whether you are interested in electronics, mechanical systems, or nuclear power, if you are qualified and interested, there is a spot that will fit you.

If this highly elite force interests you contact your local recruiter, call 866-408-1241 or visit navy.com.

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