Dia de la Marina

This June 1 marks the Navy Day at all ports of Mexico. It is a time for commemorating the Mexican Navy’s inception, as well as a day for celebration. The celebration of Navy Day was launched on 1 June 1942. Here are a few facts about this National Day or recognition.
The Department of the Navy is responsible for safeguarding and protecting the coastal and territorial waters of our country.Sailors serve in case of disasters caused by meteorological phenomena such as cyclones and storms. They also provide effective support its operations against drug trafficking, preventing it remains within the jurisdiction to them. Similarly, protecting the marine resources that are located on our coasts and seas, thus contributing to economic and social development of Mexico.

Mexican coast guards prevent high-tech fishing vessels of foreign nations from entering Mexican waters to fish our most valuable commercial marine species.In particular, the Navy has entrusted to monitor and prevent any attempt of foreign invasion by sea and protect the integrity and autonomy of the national territory.

The last Spanish stronghold was the Castillo de San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz, where the Spanish were evicted in November 1825 by the heroic Mexican owner, Pedro Sainz de Baranda.  On 1 June 1917, Venustiano Carranza President signed a decree which required compliance with the characteristics that the Navy should possess.

Today, President Calderon is leading ceremonies in Guyamas, Sonora.

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