Start counting!!-Only 43 days until the famous BPM festival 2015

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The world famous festival is going to start on January 9th, People from all over the world are coming to enjoy the beaches, the food, diversity and most important of all the music!!

It has been said that this festival has changed Playa del Carmen. When BPM started, Playa del Carmen was a small resort town. Playa del Carmen is amazing, with the wonders of a beautiful beach and a very welcoming local population. This makes for a more relaxing setting than the usual hustle-and-bustle of a music festival—at least until you step onto the main strip at night, where around ten nightclubs pump beats out into the street in an effort to drown each other out.

More than 250 DJs played at BPM over its ten-day sprawl last year year, including many of house music’s most in-demand artists. Combined with the tropical weather, this makes the festival a winning proposition for many fans of electronic music. BPM receives thousand of people from abroad, plus vacationers roped in by the call of the beach clubs and a growing contingent of locals.

This year promises to be better than last, it just seems to get better and better after each year!

Here are some pictures of past events!

Check out the trailer BPM 2015

Picture of Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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