Costco available in the Riviera Maya

Americans and Canadians can find and buy their usual home goods in the Mexican Caribbean.

Of course Cancun, one of the places in Mexico with the biggest amount of American and Canadians retirees, has one of the most popular retail stores available.

What products can you find in this Costco?

In this Costco you can find most of the home goods and hardware that you have back home. Many wines and American beef that you can see in the US are available here. You can also pick up home electronics and computer suplies.

Even if the selection varies from the American/Canadian stores, you can source goods usually not available elsewhere in Mexico.

Where is the Costco in the Riviera Maya?

The Costco available in the Riviera Maya region is located in Cancun. Just 10 minutes away from “Plaza Las Americas” and 25 minutes from the Airport.

If you are outside Cancun the journey is longer. From Puerto Morelos it is 35 minutes, from Playa del Carmen it is normally 50 minutes and from Tulum it is almost 2 hours. From Tulum it is a considerable distance, but it is a trip that doing it once a week to have a little taste of home, does not sound bad at all.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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