Cost of Living In Mexico vs. US

Your home purchase will be thee biggest investment you will make and should be taken very seriously. The choices you make will determine not only the quality of life your family will enjoy “at home“, but will make a significant difference with “return on investment“. Here we will talk about a few examples of why Mexico is a good investment for you and your family and once you make that  decision we will show you that Mexico will be dramatically less expensive in numerous ways. 
The cost of living in Mexico is lower than that of the US, Canada and Europe, especially for items that are produced locally. The good news is that this includes most product categories such as food, furniture and transportation.
Additionally, if you are resourceful and patient enough to look for the right place and right items, i.e., if you avoid Gringo targets and tourist traps, most products are incredibly affordable. Despite the low cost of living, Mexico supports the 11th largest economy in the world. Areas in Riviera Maya remain among the most attractive in Mexico. 
Grocery Shopping – Mexico vs. US
Bananas 1 Kg                                      $9.45 vs $3.69
Onion 1 Kg                                           $12.95 vs $4.95
Tomato 1 Kg                                        $13.95 vs $5.69
Lettuce 1 Kg                                         $ 9.95 vs $3.97
Wonder Bread                                     $19.99 vs $3.19
Colgate Max White 100 ml                 $15.89 vs $4.29
Multi-grain Cheerios                            $29.90 vs $6.99
2 Lt Downy Detergent                         $55.90 vs $6.97
1 Kg Chicken Breast                           $56.90 vs $12.00
1 Kg Beef                                             $75.90 vs $8.05
10 Lt Bottle Water                               $13.89 vs $10.00
Charmin Toilet Paper (4 rolls)            $27.90 vs $5.15
Fructis Shampoo/ Conditioner          $29.90 vs $4.55
French Honey Mustard 340 gr           $23.90 vs $3.55             
Heinz Ketchup 907 gr                         $26.90 vs $3.59
Hellman’s Mayonnaise 390 gr           $21.90 vs $6.15
Standard Sugar 1 Kg                          $17.50 vs $2.59
Budwiser 6 Pack                                 $67.00 vs $10.00
Smirnoff                                                $155.00 vs $15.99
Red Wine 750 ml                                 $76.00 vs $10.00
Pesos $760.76  US  $131.36=$59.32 US
That’s $72.04 US Dollars in Savings!
Health Care in Mexico
Without a doubt one of the most important topics for today’s society is Health Care.  Health care costs are very low and full-coverage health insurance can be had for less than $1 per day.

The Spanish Group Hospiten is composed of individuals and organizations that aim to meet the health care needs of evolutionary populations.  With many physicians from the U.S. having received their training in Mexico, and with many Mexican doctors having received at least part of their training in the United States, the quality of Mexican health care has been reported to be comparable to that in the United States: “in general, health care in Mexico is very good…and in many places it is excellent.” “Many people often arrive at the conclusion that because healthcare in Mexico is so cheap compared to the US, the quality of medical attention and knowledge about health care issues in Mexico must be lacking. This is completely false, Mexican hospitals are equipped to a first world standard with modern equipment and hygienic practice. So, come join us to find out exactly why Mexico is so perfect for anybody looking to own a  first or second home… move full-time or live the good life on a very  modest budget.

Veterinarians & Caring for your pets in Mexico
Inevitably, as a gringo living in the Yucatan, you will probably own a pet or rescue one. There are few of us who are able to live here without adopting a homeless dog or cat, and many of us bring our furry friends when we make the big move to Mexico.
How Much Will It Cost?
Prices are unregulated, though, and may vary even within a community. On the low side here are services that may be provided by Canada’s veterinary teaching hospitals.
Annual checkup (examination and distemper-rabies shot) $55-$100 / Mexico $280 Pesos
Overnight hospital stay $36-$70 / Mexico $170 Pesos
Medium dog (10-20 kg) $145-$220 / $1700 Pesos
Cat $98-$175 / $1300 Pesos
Medium dog (10-20 kg) $125-$190 / $1400 Pesos
Cat $64-$113 / $700 Pesos
Teeth cleaning (cat) $270+ / $1200 Pesos
Maids in Mexico
One of the first things foreigners notice when they arrive is the amount of maids and chauffeurs their friends have working for them in Mexico.  Most expatriates are not used to having domestic help, especially not with live-in maids, for example, so most of them will find this new experience a pleasant change, although it could also prove to be a trying one if you only speak english. Nevertheless, the advantages of having  domestic help outweigh any language barriers.

Beside their main work, they can be invaluable in providing security by keeping the house occupied, they can take care of daily chores such as babysitting, taking care of pets, answering phones and other daily tasks which may need attending to while the home owner is absent.  Prices vary in US and Canada but for most maid services expect to pay about $25-$35 per hour of work.  In the Riviera Maya you will  only be expected to pay $200 Pesos for 3-5 hours of work (including your laundry if you want).  Talking to X expats that for what ever reason had to move back to their home country always express the same thing and that is how nice it was to not have to clean everyday.

Eduardo from All About Playa

Eduardo from All About Playa

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