Coming soon; Planetarium in Playa del Carmen.

Hey everyone, good news in Playa del Carmen! An investment of 51.5 million pesos is applied for creating the fourth Scientific, Technological and Cultural Complex in Quintana Roo.

According to information gathered, the complex should be completed in August this year, so a crew of construction workers performing work in a space of 600 square meters with a total of 8 thousand square meters of land.

The Scientific, Technological and Cultural Complex in Quintana Roo will feature a screening room for 95 people, with a dome 15 meters in diameter equipped with a screen with 2D technology, an audience of 200 square meters to 190 people, living museum on the Mayan culture and worldview and the rich biodiversity of the Yucatan Peninsula.
It will also feature didactic rooms with capacity each for receiving at least 40 students, an observatory dome that will house a main 16-inch telescope connected to a system of four LED screens up to 25 people.

Also will have a water museum, with information on the use, management and conservation of the resource, covering an area of 100 square meters, and communication area for exhibition halls, museum spaces, service areas, including access control, health, access to wineries and circulation, according to the regulations of the municipality for public buildings.
This planet is the fourth to be built in the state, adding to Cancun and Chetumal, already in operation, while Cozumel is also under construction.Planetario-Playa

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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