Come this weekend to the spookiest & cutest parade in Playa

The “Perrorífico” pet parade and contest will take place on November 3 and will be added to the various Day of the Dead activities, but it is intended to raise support for Cebiam pets.

Claudia Sánchez López, coordinator of the Municipal Animal Welfare Center (Cebiam), informed that the invitation is for owners who wish to disguise their pets for the Day of the Dead.

“It is an event in which we seek that pets have a time of coexistence and also collect all kinds of supplies for which they have been rescued and are in the Cebiam, this is the second edition, last year it went very well, We managed to collect more than 300 kilos of food and many cleaning supplies, ”he said.

The inscription consists of 200 pesos of products in kind, such as croquettes, which will be destined for Cebiam dogs; the inscriptions can be made in the premises of the unit that is in the new municipal palace; There will be surprise prizes.

“They will be surprise prizes that can be won by the winners who have the best costumes for their pets and not only for them, also for people who like to go in disguise, creativity will be qualified, the surprise prizes we will give will be diverse, such as passes to gyms and veterinary clinics, among others, ”he said.

In this way, on Sunday, November 3, the event will begin after 4 pm in the 28 de Julio municipality square with the registration of the participants; subsequently, they plan to start at 5:30 p.m.

“It will be an event of healthy family life that seeks to have some entertainment and will join other celebrations of the Day of the Dead, who can not attend with their pets, can arrive as spectators, they are all invited,” he said.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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