Birria Tacos: The Latest Food Craze in Playa del Carmen

taco de birria

Birria tacos have become the latest food craze in Playa del Carmen, with locals and tourists alike lining up to try this traditional Mexican dish. If you’re a fan of tacos and looking to explore the local food scene, here’s what you need to know about birria tacos and where to find them in Playa del Carmen.

What are Birria Tacos?

Birria is a spicy, slow-cooked stew that originated in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Traditionally made with beef, it is seasoned with a blend of spices and cooked for several hours until it is tender and flavorful. Birria tacos are made by filling corn tortillas with the tender meat, along with onions, cilantro, and a drizzle of lime juice. They are typically served with a side of consommé, a broth made from the cooking
juices of the birria.

Where to Find Birria Tacos in Playa del Carmen

Birria tacos can be found in a variety of restaurants and food stands throughout Playa del Carmen. Some of the most popular places to try them include:

El Fogon – This local favorite is known for its delicious al pastor tacos, but they also serve up some of the best birria tacos in town.

Taqueria El Ñero – Another popular spot for birria tacos, Taqueria El Ñero is a small, family-run restaurant that offers authentic Mexican cuisine.

Tacos “El Pirata” – This food stand is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen and is famous for its birria tacos, as well as its seafood tacos.

Birria Tacos Yucatecos – As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in birria tacos and other Yucatecan dishes.

El Burro Loco – This lively restaurant and bar serves up a variety of Mexican dishes, including birria tacos, in a fun and casual atmosphere.

Tips for Enjoying Birria Tacos in Playa del Carmen if you’re new to birria tacos, here are a few tips to help you enjoy them to the fullest:

  1. Be prepared for a spicy kick – Birria tacos are typically quite spicy, so if you’re sensitive to heat, be sure to ask for a milder version.
  2. Don’t forget the consommé – The broth that accompanies the birria tacos is just as important as the meat itself, so be sure to give it a try.
  3. Try different toppings – While the traditional toppings for birria tacos are onions, cilantro, and lime juice, many places offer additional toppings such as avocado or cheese.
  4. Wash it down with a cold beer – Nothing pairs better with spicy tacos than a cold beer, so be sure to order one to enjoy with your birria tacos.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to explore the local food scene in Playa del Carmen, birria tacos are a must-try. With their spicy, flavorful meat and savory broth, they are sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious Mexican cuisine.

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