Bicyle Riding Every Sunday in Playa!

Playa del Carmen is a paradise that you will want to savor. It almost has everything – good food, beautiful attractions, heavenly beaches, vivacious nightlife, warm and friendly people, and more! So what is the best way to get around this wonderful part of the earth? You can take a bus or a taxi, walk, but nothing beats bicycling. The city of Playa Del Carmen is even taking setting up the streets for a sunday morning bicycle route (See Flyer)

Cycling is perhaps the most exciting mode of transportation to explore Playa del Carmen. You can find bike rental shops at the north end of La Quinta Avenida. However, biking in the city is not for people with a weak heart. You better watch out for the crazy traffic. The traffic in the city is not always predictable and can be very, very stressful.

Also, it is not common to see a lot of tourists doing long-distance biking on Playa del Carmen’s roads. The city lacks dedicated cycle racks and the free highways can get very dark at night because of the lack of proper lighting. The road surfaces also vary from good to very poor. Biking in the city is becoming more common, as evidenced by the network of cycle paths in various states of repair. And Despite all the hassles, cycling around Playa del Carmen will give you a unique and enjoyable experience.

Some cities lend themselves well to biking, but others do not. Typically, older colonial towns and cities that sit atop mountains – with their narrow sidewalks, steep inclines, and cobbled streets – do not lend themselves well to bikers. On the other hand, cycling in coastal cities and towns built on flatter ground and have flatter road surfaces, are much better.

 When exploring the treasures Playa del Carmen has to offer, we suggest that you rent a mountain bike, with strengthened suspension and hard-wearing tires. Always bring your tire repair kit with you. Biking in the mountains, valleys, and hills of the region’s breathtaking outdoors is a totally different proposition. You are provided with helmets, properly equipped mountain bikes, and are taken on known tracks, paths, and cycle routes amid lovely natural landscapes.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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