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You hear the steadily growing roar of the crowd grow stronger and stronger as the steady flow of bass ebbs through your body, coming to peak…the sun high in the sky, sunglasses everywhere, smiles on the faces of some of the sexiest people you’ve ever seen all dancing together…finally erupt in applause and cheering as the DJ drops the beat. This is BPM. This is Primavera. This is KOOL!

KOOL Beach Club is located at 28th and the beach, Playa del Carmen. It has become THE spot for house music lovers all over the world when visiting Mexico. KOOL plays host to the world famous BPM festival throughout New Years every year and this year has brought something new to the table, the Primavera Festival. In celebration of spring and Mexican holy week Primavera is very similar to the BPM festival in every way; the world’s best house music, sexy people, hot days and cool club nights.

Along with being a go to venue for beachside weddings, fashion shows and a myriad of other events, KOOL Beach also provides a chic and very relaxed atmosphere when it isn’t hosting a grand event. Modern and clean with excellent design and decor, KOOL appeals largely to the 20’s to late 30’s age group attracting fashion-loving crowd. With white kabana beds and beach chairs available, one can lay with their friends and enjoy the beach all day it complete comfort and luxury. Along with a boutique swimming pool, several bars and excellent food from the restaurant there is nothing to not love about Kool.

So whether your anticipating the next upcoming party or just looking to spend the day relaxing and passing the time by Playa del Carmen’s stunningly turquoise ocean and white sandy beaches,
KOOL Beach has what you’re looking for.

be sure to check out KOOL’s website.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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