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Attract abundance with Neurolinguistics

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Attract abundance with Neurolinguistics 

The Green Village Eco Boutique hotel is the venue every Monday for the seminar. “Attract abundance with Neurolinguistics” taught by the Psychologist Mirella Bredo.

This seminar aims to eliminate mental barriers that prevent you from achieving your professional goals.

It focuses on people who want to discover themselves in a more personal way “Neurolinguistics helps you change reality and negative perceptions, that is, the emotions that are linked to unpleasant memories, replace them with memories of pleasant issues, it really is very simple and very effective, although many people complicate it ”, Mirella tells us.

Mirella wanted to focus her knowledge on people who work in sales, as she considers it a tool that cannot be overlooked. “Neuro-linguistics can be applied to different points, for example in the case of sales, neurolinguistics is used a lot, with sales you achieve empathy and communicate in a better way once you know the techniques of linguistics.”

Mirella has tried this technique first-hand within the field of sales and has found it very favorable. “Neurolinguistics changed my life, when I discovered neurolinguistics and its techniques I realized how fast and effective it is to heal any emotional factor”.

Many times there are too many taboos that make you believe that this is an exclusive topic for professionals in the mental health area when it is not. “Those who are interested can investigate recognized authors such as Richard Bandler and John Grinder

The purpose of Mirella is to spread interest in this technique and that people know that it is never too late to change. “My thing is to share the benefits that I have discovered for myself … I really do it to change negative patterns”

 If you want to know yourself and change your mental state for a more positive one, this is for you. Every Monday at 5 in the afternoon at the Eco Green Villa Boutique Hotel located on 20th street between 10th and 15th avenues.

Gabriel from All About Playa

Gabriel from All About Playa

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