An update on 5th avenue

According to El Quintanaroense- Representatives of the various chambers of commerce are holding talks with the mayor, Filiberto Martínez Méndez, in order to achieve the long-awaited order from the tourist area to formalize trading, said Jane Groman, president of the Tourist Business Committee (CET).

For many years the order for improved trading regulations have been petitioned to the municipal authorities to formalize certain aspects of trading affecting the tourist image of the destination. “I hope they fulfill it matters, is a question of order and that as entrepreneurs we support,” he said.

Groman Jane mentioned that for some time, some employers have been promoting their products or businesses in ways that could be improved to the image of the city. Such practices should stop because if things continue, he says, will become habit and at some point which ensures it not will stop.

Groman Jane said it is also important to enforce the regulation that states that pet owners should take care of them and pick up feces when they do in public so as not to affect as many times pass in front of restaurants and there pets do their business in view of the customers business.

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Eduardo from All About Playa

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